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Latest vineyards to be added.

Select TOP 10 VineyardName, Organization, Vineyard.City, Vineyard.State, useOrgInName FROM Vineyard JOIN Organization ON Vineyard.OrgID=Organization.OBJECTID WHERE Vineyard.Deleted is NULL ORDER BY Vineyard.OBJECTID DESC

1. Andante Vineyard
Dallas, OR
2. add
Salem, OR
3. Southern Oregon Wine Institute - Scott Henry Vineyard
Roseburg, OR
4. La Rochelle Wines - hays
Kenwood, CA
5. Duck Pond Estate Vineyard
Dundee, OR
6. Delaney Vineyard
Salem, OR
7. Hylo Vineyard
Salem, OR
8. Willow Creek Vineyard
Salem, CA
9. St. Jory Vineyard
Salem, OR
10. Elk Cove - Mount Richmond East
Yamhill, OR

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Latest Wineries and Tasting Rooms to be added.

Select TOP 10 Organization, locationna, WINE_CITY, Winery.STATE FROM Winery JOIN Organization ON Winery.OrgID=Organization.OBJECTID WHERE Winery.Deleted is NULL ORDER BY Winery.OBJECTID DESC

1. Blakeslee Vineyard Estate
Sherwood, OR
2. Owen Roe - Owen Roe Washington
Wapato, WA
3. Owen Roe - Owen Roe Oregon
Newberg, OR
4. La Rochelle Wines
Kenwood, CA
5. R Stuart & Co - R Stuart & Co Tasting Room
McMinnville, OR
6. R Stuart & Co - R Stuart & Co
McMinnville, OR
7. Whistling Dog Cellars
Salem, OR
8. Blizzard Wines
Hillsboro, OR
9. Bells Up Winery
Newberg, OR
10. Kookoolan Farms and Kookoolan World Meadery - Kookoolan World Meadery
Yamhill, OR

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Latest winegrapes, bulkwine, and shiners available.

Select TOP 10 RELATEBLOCKSWBMLISTINGS.listingid, RELATEBLOCKSWBMLISTINGS.producttype, RELATEBLOCKSWBMLISTINGS.startdate, dbo.GROUP_CONCAT_D(DISTINCT VARIETALS.Name,', ') as name, vineyards_Display.FullName, vineyards_Display.VineyardName, vineyards_Display.Organization FROM RELATEBLOCKSWBMLISTINGS JOIN Vineyard_Blocks ON RELATEBLOCKSWBMLISTINGS.blockid=Vineyard_Blocks.OBJECTID JOIN vineyards_Display ON Vineyard_Blocks.VineyardID=vineyards_Display.OBJECTID JOIN Varietals ON Varietals.OBJECTID=Vineyard_Blocks.VarietalID WHERE inactive=0 AND (siteid = 0 OR siteonly = 0) Group by RELATEBLOCKSWBMLISTINGS.listingid, RELATEBLOCKSWBMLISTINGS.producttype, RELATEBLOCKSWBMLISTINGS.startdate, vineyards_Display.FullName, vineyards_Display.VineyardName, vineyards_Display.Organization ORDER BY startdate DESC

1. Grapes - Syrah
Soloro Vineyard (view vineyard)
2. Grapes - Dolcetto
Paradise Canyon Farm (view vineyard)
3. Bulk Wine - Dolcetto
Paradise Canyon Farm (view vineyard)
4. Grapes - Merlot
Allechant Vineyard (view vineyard)
5. Grapes - Pinot Noir
Allechant Vineyard (view vineyard)
6. Bulk Wine - Pinot Noir
Wooldridge Creek (view vineyard)
7. Bulk Wine - Syrah
Wooldridge Creek (view vineyard)
8. Bulk Wine - Merlot
Wooldridge Creek (view vineyard)
9. Bulk Wine - Cabernet Sauvignon
Mankas Hills Vineyards (view vineyard)
10. Grapes - Chardonnay
Armando Ceja Family Winery ( ACFW) - Brewery Vineyard (view vineyard)

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Everyvine is a sophisticated analytical resource utilized by the wine industry. Working with vineyards and wineries, we gather information about where grapes are grown and wine is produced. Then we combine that info with 100's of characteristics about the sites; things like topography, climate, and soils. Our powerful servers analyze the data calculating everything from the monthly accumulated solar radiation, to growing degree days, to comparisons of wines produced. All that information is organized and presented on a page created for each vineyard block and winery. Check out Gallo's Two Rock vineyard for example.

Beautiful Maps

Everyvine also produces wine regions maps. The maps are poster size and beautifully render the topography of each region. The maps are a fundamental resource to regional wine growing associations. They appear in magazines, wineries and tasting rooms, and are loved by wine enthusiasts and Sommeliers. Learn more about the wine region maps.