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Every so often the normal way we do things changes significantly. Sometimes it’s a social change in attitude. Other times its technological. The shift is sudden, and carries with it opportunity for those willing to question the conventions of our time. We are living in such time, right now, in 2012. Today is about data.

Systems to collect unimaginable amounts of data are now relatively inexpensive and the technology to allow people to collaborate is easy to use. The result: we have mountains of data and our new problem, and opportunity, is how to make sense of it. How can we analyze the data to glean insights into the problems we face every day? And while the amount of data being collected can be scary (when we consider it personal for example) it can also be fantastically helpful.

For the past four years I have been working on one example of the big data problem that I am particularly passionate about. The production of winegrapes is a multibillion dollar per year industry but almost no data about the vineyards producing winegrapes is available; and for good reason. The people who manage vineyards are first and foremost farmers. Their love is outside and the first place they look to solve a problem isn’t information technology. Additionally, no one has ever explored the production of winegrapes with a goal of providing useful aggregated information for everyone in the industry. This is a story that has not been told.

Today I launch a new site: meet Everyvine.com

Our focus is on the vines of the world’s vineyards, every one of them. The site provides, for the first time, detailed information about the vineyards growing grapes for the world’s wines. For every vineyard over 100 site characteristics are analyzed including slope, soil, and climate statistics. Analysis is preformed, not at a state, or region level, but down to the individual vineyard block. With this information, Everyvine is able to help grape growers make production decisions and provide grape buyers information they need to find the best grapes.

Everyvine will be an evolving project but its mission will always remain the same:

To give everyone in the grape growing community the information they need to make the best possible winegrapes and wines.

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Jordan Thomas is the creator of Everyvine.com. He worked for many years as a cartographer making maps of the world's wine regions. His passions include geographic systems, viticulture, mathematical modelling, and data mining. Jordan likes to spend his time building things, solving problems, and listening to podcasts.

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