Soils Data Updated

Soil is fundamental to the health and vigor of the vines it supports. Everyvine automatically collects soil information and presents it to visitors because it is an important part of understanding the quality of grapes. We are excited to announce that Everyvine has been able to upgrade the source of our soil data (see reference notes on vineyard pages for more details about data sources).

The level of detail of the new soil data is fantastic. The picture included on this post compares a sample area of the old soil data to the new. Each colored shape represents a soil type. The old data is on top and the map fades into the new data. The new set has more than 20 times the level of detail!

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Jordan Thomas is the creator of He worked for many years as a cartographer making maps of the world's wine regions. His passions include geographic systems, viticulture, mathematical modelling, and data mining. Jordan likes to spend his time building things, solving problems, and listening to podcasts.

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