New Wine Region Pages

New Detailed Wine Region Pages

Keeping track of an industry that’s always changing can be difficult to say the least. Current data on the vineyards, wineries, available winegrapes, and top performing wines, of a wine region is helpful to everyone trying to grow businesses in the wine industry. Unfortunately, that information has always been completely unorganized and unavailable.

This week Everyvine has launched new wine region pages that provide the best snapshot yet of what’s happening in the various wine regions of the United States. The new pages bring together a wealth of information to give you a more complete overview of all the players in a wine region.

Building upon the original pages which included mapping and basic stats, the new pages include lists of top performing vineyards and a break down of vineyard plantings by grape varietal. Plus you’ll find lists of wines using grapes grown in the region and winegrapes, bulk wine, and shiners currently available for sale.

Check the new page for Russian River Valley AVA or browse the wine region list and test out the new pages for your favorite wine region.

Want Everyvine on your Website?

With the launch of the new wine region pages we also wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to wine region associations who are interested in the data Everyvine is publishing. Everyvine has been built from the ground up to be an open platform. We take our users privacy very seriously and will never share protected data. Information, however, that Everyvine members post on public pages is valuable to everyone and we want it to spread.

Everyvine has begun testing data access APIs. Wine regions associations can embed Everyvine data and maps on their websites and in their apps. Everyvine data can provide regional associations valuable tools to manage and inform their membership. If you represent a wine region association and are interested in using Everyvine data on your websites, fill out the data access application to get started.

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