Which wine competitions matter?

In the next few weeks Everyvine will be launching significant updates to the information collected about wines. Improvements will make it easier to specify where wines were grown, produced, and where they can be tasted or purchased. The process of editing a wine will be simplified, and many new characteristics will be available.

In preparation for those updates I have been working on wine competitions. Many people have requested the ability to list awards their wines have won. I thought it was a great idea. Everyvine is organizing the information of wine production: from the planting of a vineyard, to the bottle on the shelf, and everything in between. Wine competitions are an important part of that story. They are an indicator of the quality of grape and wine production. Plus, wine competitions help vineyards and wineries build reputation.

So I embarked on what I thought would be an easy task: obtaining a complete list of wine competitions.

“No one seems to publish a complete and up-to-date list of wine competitions online.”

To my surprise, no one seems to publish a complete and up-to-date list of wine competitions online. I found several good starts (see references below) but the information was truly scattered all over the internet. In the back of my mind I began imagining a new winemaker who has just produced a vintage they are proud of. They want to find wine competitions to enter in to. They would need a list of entry dates, fees, and a sense of past winners. I imagined that new winemaker and thought, “boy, they are out of luck.”

Since the list is unavailable, Everyvine will create and publish it. If I am going to do the work to put this list together everyone should benefit. So here is the result of that work: the new list of wine competitions and an associated page detailing each competition. Here’s an example page, the Winemaker Challenge

Lastly, we need your help. We want the wine competition list to be as complete as possible. If you see a missing competition let us know here so we can add it.


The following websites were helpful in pulling together information about wine competitions

  1. Wine Institute
  2. EnofileOnline

    I really like this site. Their focus is on providing competition organizers tools to manage the event. Let’s hope for an API.

  3. New York Wine & Grape Foundation

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Jordan Thomas is the creator of Everyvine.com. He worked for many years as a cartographer making maps of the world's wine regions. His passions include geographic systems, viticulture, mathematical modelling, and data mining. Jordan likes to spend his time building things, solving problems, and listening to podcasts.

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