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Since Everyvine launched last spring one feature has been requested more often than any other. Vineyard and winery owners would love to add Everyvine’s world class mapping to their websites. Today, I am excited to announce anyone can do just that.

Our map embedding allows you to put the Everyvine maps you like on your website. For example, if you are a vineyard owner and like the block map you see on your vineyard’s profile page, you can now get that map on your website. The maps are controlled by a configuration file which we provide when someone signs up for the service. The config file allows you to specify exactly what features from Everyvine you want to appear on the map. Features you can add to a map include vineyard points, blocks, wineries, wine regions, soil types and more.

“…have the map styled to fit the design of your website”

And not only can you pick the map features, you can even have the map styled to fit the design of your website. Elements like tool-tips and legends can be colored to integrate with your graphic design. Plus styled background maps that give your map a truly unique look. See the examples to get some ideas.

The map embedding service has been priced as a monthly fee. The price ranges from $20/month to $50/month depending on the size of your organization.

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Jordan Thomas is the creator of He worked for many years as a cartographer making maps of the world's wine regions. His passions include geographic systems, viticulture, mathematical modelling, and data mining. Jordan likes to spend his time building things, solving problems, and listening to podcasts.

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