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Everyvine is excited to announce a partnership with Wine Communications Group. The Everyvine / WineBusiness market integration pairs the detailed vineyard profiles on Everyvine with the most popular classified listing service in the wine industry. The partnership launched just after the 2013 harvest and has been tested for the last few months. Feedback from the initial testing has been fantastic. We our now encouraging the greater wine community to try out the new resource.

New Listing Preview

Example image of a new listing with vineyard profile

How it works

Basic classified listings which present minimal information about winegrapes or bulk wine do not convey the quality of whats available. As a result classified listing services can often de-value the winegrapes and bulk wines listed by making everyvine look the same. This leaves buyers with little more to go on than price.

To solve this problem on the Wine Business classified listing service, posters now have the option to add an Everyvine vineyard profile to their listings. When a poster adds a vineyard to their listing it is improved with:

  1. Vineyard Map: Detailed map showing block layout of vineyard, wine region boundaries, and neighboring vineyards
  2. Wine History: Allows you to vineyard owners to associate wines previous produced from the grapes at the vineyard to help establish a track record
  3. Terroir Profiles: Elevations, slope, soil, and climate statistics are automatically calculated for posters. They can then choose the statistics they want to share to help establish the vineyard characteristics.

Getting Started

Winegrape or bulk wine buyers should heard over to the Wine Business classifieds to see the new listings with vineyard profiles.

If you have winegrapes or bulk wine to sell, adding Everyvine vineyard profiles to your Wine Business classified is easy.

  1. Login into your wine business account:
  2. Find your active listing or create a new one
  3. Under your listing click “add vineyard details”

About our new partner

Wine Communications Group is the wine industries leading media network. They have a proven track record of producing the highest quality wine industry journalism. Their excellent management team has created first in class advertising solutions and classified listing services with industry wide reach. Everyvine is excited to bring on Wine Communications Group as its first data partner.

Lear more about Wine Communications Group & WineBusiness.com

Next Steps

The goal of Everyvine is to build tools that help organize the information of the Wine Industry. One of the first priorities we identified when we launched 2 years ago was winegrape and bulk wine sales. Finding information about what grapes will be available has never been easy. Searching a comprehensive database of upcoming available winegrapes by variety, farming practice, or track record was impossible. We knew pairing Everyvine’s detailed vineyard profiles with a classified listing service was a key first step to building a better winegrape & bulk wine marketplace. With this partnership in place Everyvine is now able to shift focus to applying our geographic vineyard systems to even more exciting areas of the wine industry.

Interested in working with Everyvine on your area of the wine industry? Contact us

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