Amazing new 3D vineyard mapping


Example 3D map illustration

New vineyard maps

We are excited to annouce our newest mapping for the wine industry, 3D vineyard maps. As many of our members know, Everyvine has been making custom mapping for vineyard and winery organizations for several years. The maps are used on websites, in marketing materials, and at tasting rooms.

Making a better map

The goal of any good wine map is to educate the viewer about the unique character of a vineyard. Our new 3D vineyard maps can accomplish that goal at a whole new level. We create realistic 3D models of vineyards using real world data and export gorgeous illustrations. The results are 3D interactive widgets that can be added to winery websites, and beautiful vineyard renderings that can be customized to fit any need.

Checkout the 3D maps

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Jordan Thomas is the creator of He worked for many years as a cartographer making maps of the world's wine regions. His passions include geographic systems, viticulture, mathematical modelling, and data mining. Jordan likes to spend his time building things, solving problems, and listening to podcasts.

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