Davis Bynum

Organization: Davis Bynum
Winery Name: Davis Bynum
Winery or Tasting Room: Winery
Wine Regions: North Coast, Northern Sonoma, Russian River Valley, Sonoma Coast

Contact Info

Address: 11455 Old Redwood Highway
City: Healdsburg
State: CA
Zip: 95448
Phone: 866-442-7547
Website: www.davisbynum.com


Davis Bynum is distinguished as the first winery to produce a single vineyard pinot noir from the Russian River Valley. The vintage was 1973 and the grapes were from Joe Rochioli's now prized vineyard. Today, more than thirty years later, the heritage of Davis Bynum lives on through the hand crafted creation of pinot noir and chardonnay grown exclusively in Russian River Valley.

Wine Production

Renewable Energy Powered: Yes
Looking for grapes: No


These grapes go into the following wines:
Wine (Vintage)PriceScore
1. Davis Bynum Jane's Vineyard Pinot Noir (2011)$35
2. Davis Bynum River West Chardonnay (2011)$2587.5
3. Davis Bynum Garfield Block Pinot Noir (2011)$60

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