Drew Family Cellars

Organization: Drew
Winery Name: Drew Family Cellars
Winery or Tasting Room: Both
Wine Regions: Mendocino Ridge, North Coast

Contact Info

Address: 3135 Philo-Greenwood Rd.
City: Elk
State: CA
Zip: 95432
Phone: 707-877-1771
Website: www.drewwines.com


Drew produces small lot cool climate Pinot Noir and Syrah from the coastal hillsides of Mendocino Ridge and the Anderson Valley. Our tasting room is located at 9000 Hwy 128 in Philo, Ca.


Bed & Breakfast: No
Picnic Area: No
RV Parking: No
ADA accessible: No
Shopping: No
Event Hosting Available: No
Vineyard Tours: No
Open to the public: No
By Appointment Only: Yes
Wine Cave Tour: No

Wine Production

Wine Produced Annually: 2,000 cases
Renewable Energy Powered: No
Looking for grapes: Yes


These grapes go into the following wines:
Wine (Vintage)PriceScore
1. Drew Valenti Ranch Syrah Mendocino Ridge (2013)$4595

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Created Date: April 12, 2012
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