Muns Vineyard

Organization: Muns Vineyard
Winery Name: Muns Vineyard
Winery or Tasting Room: Winery
Wine Regions: Santa Cruz Mountains

Contact Info

Address: 25600 Loma Prieta Avenue
City: Los Gatos
State: CA
Zip: 95033
Phone: 408-234-2079


At 2600 elevation on the Loma Prieta ridge top, Muns Vineyard is the highest Pinot Noir vineyard in the Santa Cruz Mountains and is ideal for growing premium Pinot Noir and Syrah. The site enjoys panoramic views over the redwood forests to span Monterey Bay, from Santa Cruz to Monterey. The vineyard sits above the fog line and is cooled by the gentle maritime breeze that sweeps in almost constantly off of Monterey Bay in the summertime. In the winter it is not uncommon for the vineyard to be blanketed in snow. The soil varies from rich loam to shale to red clay. Planting started in 1998 and was completed in 2005, with 12 acres of Pinot Noir and one acre of Syrah. This high mountain fruit is grown by Ed Muns, with diligent attention to sustainable vineyard practices that produce extraordinary winegrapes. Most of the Pinot Noir is sold to other wineries, and a small amount is produced under the Muns Vineyard label. Not open for tasting. Mailing address: PO Box 1877, Los Gatos, CA 95031.

Wine Production

Wine Produced Annually: 400 cases
Renewable Energy Powered: No
Looking for grapes: No


These grapes go into the following wines:
Wine (Vintage)PriceScore
1. Muns Vineyard Pinot Noir Estate Grown (2006)$40
2. Muns Vineyard Pinot Noir Estate Grown (2007)$40
3. Muns Vineyard Pinot Noir Estate Grown (2008)$40
4. Muns Vineyard Pinot Noir Estate Grown (2009)$40
5. Muns Vineyard Syrah Estate Grown (2009)$25
6. Muns Vineyard Rose of Pinot Noir (2012)$18

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