Niobrara Valley Vineyards

Organization: Niobrara Valley Vineyards
Winery Name: Niobrara Valley Vineyards
Winery or Tasting Room: Both
Wine Regions:

Contact Info

Address: 90256 State Spur 16F
City: Nenzel
State: NE
Zip: 69219
Phone: 402-823-4131


Our wines are handcrafted from grapes we grow right here on the ranch. The semi-arid climate with warm days and cool nights provide grapes that make wine with wonderful aromas and fruity flavors that are amplified by this unique region. Our grapes have to be hardy to survive the harsh winters and hot summers but these conditions bring out their best qualities. The people who first settled this area were from hardy stock also and many supplemented their income from the products they made from the wild fruits in the area. Our family goes back to the first settlers here and we are proud of the quality wine and cattle that we produce.


Bed & Breakfast: No
Picnic Area: Yes
RV Parking: Yes
ADA accessible: Yes
Shopping: No
Event Hosting Available: No
Vineyard Tours: Yes
Open to the public: Yes
By Appointment Only: Yes
Wine Cave Tour: No

Wine Production

Wine Produced Annually: 600 cases
Renewable Energy Powered: No
Looking for grapes: No


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