Pfeiffer Winery and Tasting Room

Pfeiffer Winery

Organization: Pfeiffer Winery and Tasting Room
Winery Name: Pfeiffer Winery
Winery or Tasting Room: Both
Wine Regions: Willamette Valley

Contact Info

Address: 25040 Jaeg Road
City: Junction City
State: OR
Zip: 97448
Phone: 541-998-2828


A boutique winery and one of the oldest vineyards in the South Willamette Valley. Celebrating more than 30 years as a premium, family owned vineyard and winery, we specialize in small-lot production of Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Muscat, and Merlot. While not sold in stores, our wines have been savored by presidents and prime ministers around the world. Our fine wines are available to you exclusively through our wine club or tasting room. Whether you are looking for an outdoor wedding in our Water Garden, an indoor reception in the grand Fireplace Pavilion, a private dining event in the Pfeiffer Villa, or wine tasting in the "cave", we have the expertise and exemplary service to make your experience memorable!


Bed & Breakfast: No
Picnic Area: Yes
RV Parking: Yes
ADA accessible: Yes
Shopping: Yes
Event Hosting Available: Yes
Vineyard Tours: Yes
Open to the public: Yes
By Appointment Only: Yes
Wine Cave Tour: Yes

Wine Production

Wine Produced Annually: 1,200 cases
Renewable Energy Powered: Yes
Looking for grapes: No


These grapes go into the following wines:
Wine (Vintage)PriceScore
1. 2013 Muscat (2013)$14
2. 2012 Grey Cat (2012)$16
3. 2013 Anna Skye (2013)$20
4. 2013 Blushing Bride Rose (2013)$14
5. 2008 Blue Dot Pinot Noir (2008)$60
6. 2009 Blue Line Pinot Noir (2009)$40
7. 2009 Blue Dot Pinot Noir (2009)$60
8. 2010 Blue Line Pinot Noir (2010)$52
9. 2010 Blue Dot Pinot Noir (2010)$82
10. 2011 Blue Line Pinot Noir (2011)$40
11. 2012 Blue Dot Pinot Noir (2012)$112
12. 2013 Tango (2013)$25
13. Tawny Port (2013)$28
14. Chocolate Port (2013)$28

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