Rexford Winery

Organization: Rexford Winery
Winery Name: Rexford Winery
Winery or Tasting Room: Both
Wine Regions: Central Coast

Contact Info

Address: 429 Ingalls St.
City: Santa Cruz
State: CA
Zip: 95060
Phone: 831-426-1500


Rexford Winery Unique wines crafted in Santa Cruz, California. Rexford Winery handcrafts wines in small lots using grapes from select local vineyards. The focus is on single-vineyard Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Merlot, and other premium varieties. The wines accurately reflect the varietal characteristics of the grapes and the unique microclimates and soils of the vineyards from which they come. Our style is strongly influenced by European wines that pair well with food. Joe Miller, Professor Emeritus of Astronomy and Astrophysics at UC Santa Cruz, is the winemaker at Rexford. He has taught university courses on enology and wine appreciation for more than 30 years and began making wine in the 1970s. Joe works with his son Sam Miller, the Rexford associate winemaker. Based on over 35 years of hands-on winemaking combined, Joe and Sam depend on sensory evaluation to guide them in crafting Rexford wines.


Bed & Breakfast: No
Picnic Area: No
RV Parking: No
ADA accessible: Yes
Shopping: No
Event Hosting Available: No
Vineyard Tours: No
Open to the public: Yes
By Appointment Only: No
Wine Cave Tour: No

Wine Production

Renewable Energy Powered: No
Looking for grapes: No


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