Can a vineyard improve it’s rating?

Vineyard owners cannot directly change the ratings of their vineyard and cannot request a rating be changed. However, if you are a vineyard owner who believes their vineyard’s Everyvine rating is not accurate review the following steps. Doing so will improve the chances of being rated highly by the Everyvine algorithms.

  • If your vineyard is not rated by Everyvine review the possible reasons why it hasn’t been rated explained here.
  • Add Wines
    Ensure you have add some sample wines that your vineyard blocks have produced for in the past (preferably including scores from critics). Adding wines provides Everyvine with evidence of a vineyards track record. To add a wine, go to edit the blocks of the vineyard, and add wines which their grapes went into.
  • Fill out block details
    For each block of a vineyard you can enter detailed information like row spacing and trellis type. Make sure you’ve filled out all the available information and that it’s accruate.
  • Double-check Data
    For each block of a vineyard Everyvine calculates detailed climate and soil data. The data comes from public data sources which may not be as accurate as the information a vineyard owner has access to. Review the statistics provided for your vineyard and if you see inaccuracy’s contact Everyvine to provide your own custom data.
  • Provide Pricing History
    Everyvine’s rating algorithms do consider historical grape prices in their computations. However, the history of prices a vineyard has sold grapes for is extremely sensitive information. Confidentiality is so important, in fact, that Everyvine does not publish or collect pricing information on the website. Vineyard owners can provide pricing information for their vineyard but they must do so by phone or email. To prevent abuse, sale prices are verified. Contact Everyvine for more details.

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