Why aren’t some vineyards rated?

There are four common reasons why a vineyard may not be rated on Everyvine:

  1. No Varietals If the vineyard has not provided any information about the grape varietals being grown at the vineyard, Everyvine cannot rate the vineyard. Solution Edit the blocks of the vineyard to include what grape varietals are grown at the location.
  2. New Vineyard The blocks of the vineyard may be new to Everyvine. Solution Everyvine updates vineyard ratings on a weekly basis (currently Sunday evenings). If a vineyard block is less than a week old it may not have been rated yet. Check back later to see if the rating has been updated.
  3. Varietal not rated Everyvine may not currently be rating any of the grape varietals grown at the vineyard. Solution Wait until Everyvine has collected enough data about vineyards growing the grape varietal. Everyvine will rate the vineyard automatically at that time. Learn more about why some grape varietals are not rated explained here.
  4. Not enough evidence Everyvine’s rating algorithms may not have any evidence that the vineyard is producing high quality fruit. Solution Review the steps a vineyard owner can take to improve their rating explained here.

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