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Everyvine tracks wine competitions because they are an important indicator of the quality of wine being produced by vineyards and wineries. While wine tasting is inherently subjective, in aggregate, competition results provide valuable insights into the preferences of the wine market and wine consistency.

Competition NameCompetition DateWebsite
1. Amenti Del Vino
2. American Fine Wine CompetitionApril 4
3. American Wine Society Commercial Wine CompetitionEarly November
4. Annual Wine Advocate Seminar & TastingOctober
5. Atlanta International Wine SummitEarly July
6. Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition
7. Best of Appellation AwardsYear Round
8. Best of Riesling
9. Best of the Bay Wine Competition and Zin ChallengeJune
10. Big E Northeast Gold Wine CompetitionJune 16
11. California State Fair Wine CompetitionEnd of June
12. California Zinfandel Championship CompetitionEarly September
13. Canadian-American Wine Competition
14. Canberra International Riesling ChallengeOctober
15. Consumer Wine Awards at LodiMarch 17-18
16. Critics Challenge International Wine CompetitionLate May (Memorial Day Weekend
17. Dallas Morning News World Wine CompetitionLate January
18. Denver International Wine CompetitionSeptember
19. El Dorado County Commercial Wine CompetitionMay 18
20. Finger Lakes International Wine CompetitionLate March
21. Florida State Fair Wine & Grape Juice CompetitionEarly February
22. Grand Harvest AwardsNovember 6-7
23. Great Lakes Wine Competition
24. Indy International Wine CompetitionLate July
25. International Cold Climate Wine CompetitionAugust
26. International Eastern Wine CompetitionMarch
27. International Review of SpiritsYear Round
28. International Wine & Spirit CompetitionNovember
29. International Wine ChallengeJuly
30. International Women's Wine CompetitionSeptember
31. InterVin International Wine AwardsMay/June
32. Jefferson Cup InvitationalNovember
33. Lone Star International Wine CompetitionJune 4-5
34. Long Beach Grand CruMid-late July
35. Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits CompetitionMid-May
36. Mainly Meritage International Wine Competition
37. Mendocino County Wine Competition
38. Michigan Wine CompetitionAugust
39. Monterey Wine Competition1st Weekend of March
40. New World International Wine CompetitionEnd of February
41. New York International Wine CompetitionMay 5-6th
42. New York State FairJune 9
43. New York Wine & Food Classic
44. New York World Wine and Spirits CompetitionJune 26-27
45. NextGen Wine Competition for Millennial Wine DrinkersSeptember
46. North of the Gate Wine CompetitionLate April
47. Northwest Wine SummitApril
48. Oklahoma State Fair Wine CompetitionSeptember 14-15
49. Orange County Fair Commercial Wine CompetitionLate May
50. Pacific Rim International Wine CompetitionLate April
51. Riesling du MondeApril 14-16th
52. Riverside International Wine CompetitionEarly May
53. San Antonio Wine CompetitionJanuary 28
54. San Diego International Wine CompetitionMid-March
55. San Francisco Chronicle Wine CompetitionLate January
56. San Francisco International Wine CompetitionMid-June
57. Sommelier Challenge International Wine CompetitionLate September
58. Sonoma County Harvest Fair Wine CompetitionSeptember 29
59. Sunset International Wine Competition July 9-10
60. Taster's Guild International Wine Judging
61. The Great Hudson Valley Wine CompetitionSeptember 8
62. Thomas Jefferson Food & Wine Classic
63. U.S. National Wine CompetitionApril 9-12
64. Ultimate Wine ChallengeApril 23-27
65. West Coast Wine CompetitionJuly
66. WineFestEarly February
67. Winemaker ChallengeJanuary 18-19
68. Wines of the Americas
69. World Value Wine ChallengeNovember
70. World Wine Championships
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