Where is Everyvine available?

To us, wine-making is everything. Our dream is to have detailed information about all the worlds vines and wines available instantly to everyone, wherever they are.

But for the time being, Everyvine is not able to launch in every country. We are a small team (1.5 people at the moment) and don’t have the staff to cover the world (yet!). So for the time being only vineyards, wineries, and wine regions inside the United States can participate.

Rest assured we are growing Everyvine as fast as we can and Everyvine will be in many more countries as soon as possible.

The Current Regions

For now, here is the complete list of Wine regions actively involved in Everyvine.

Add new Region?

See a missing region? Everyvine works with American Viticultural Areas, free of charge, to get accurate information about the region available to the public. Working with Everyvine results in greater recognition of a wine region and leads to a stronger grower community. Staff members of Wine Region Associations wishing to get involved with Everyvine should contact-us today to get started.

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