Wine Region

Sebastopol Hills

Official Name: Sebastopol Hills
Designation: Local Nomenclature
This wine region is not officially recognized. It is a general region referenced by some members of the wine community.

Countries: United States of America
States: California
Counties: Sonoma

Statistics Updated: September 26, 2020
Statistics for wine regions are calculated roughly every hour.

Grape Production


Vineyards: 53
Total Area: 14,544 acres
Planted Area: 894 acres
Percent Planted: 5.9 %
Most Common Grape Varietal: Pinot Noir more varietals...
Top Vineyards

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  1. Kanzler Vineyard
  2. Balletto Vineyards - Burnside Road
  3. Falstaff Road Vineyard
  4. Rayhill Vineyards
  5. Maboroshi Wine Estates - Maboroshi Vineyard
  6. Falstaff Road Gopher Hill - Falstaff Road & Gopher Hill
  7. Umino Vineyards
  8. Pratt
  9. Pennacchio
  10. Mukaida Vineyard
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Wine Production


Wineries: 0
Tasting Rooms: 0
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Climate Profile


Elevation646.43 ft.341.52 ft.118.76 ft.
Solar Raditation: 136882.91 WH/m2

Climate Indices

Index Name
Growing Degree-Days2702.71
Huglin Index2100.82
Biologically Effective Degree-Days1675.61

Temperature & Rainfall

AverageHi °FMed °FLow °FRain in.
Growing Season77.262.6486.04
Wine Region statistics for Sebastopol Hills are calculated by averaging over all vineyards currently entered on Everyvine within the region.

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