Canyon Wind Sauvignon Blanc (2012)

Wine Details

Wine Name: Canyon Wind Sauvignon Blanc
Vintage: 2012
Price: $15
Vintner: Christianson Cellars

Wine Scores

Ave. Score: none
Wine Spectator: none
Wine Advocate: none
CellarTracker: none
Decanter: none


Winery: Christianson Cellars - Canyon Wind Cellars view winery
Christianson Vineyards - Cliffside Vineyard view vineyard

Winery Details

Contact Info

Address: 3907 North River Road
City: Palisade
State: CO
Zip: 81526
Phone: 970-464-0888
Other Wines by Christianson Cellars - Canyon Wind Cellars
Wine (Vintage)PriceScore
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2. Notus (2011)$4587
3. Zephyrus (2010)$4592
4. Iapyx (2011)$35
5. Canyon Wind Cabernet Sauvignon (2007)$2582.5
6. Canyon Wind 47-Ten Red (2011)$12
7. Canyon Wind 47-Ten Rose (2012)$12
8. Canyon Wind 47-Ten White (2012)$ -
9. Canyon Wind Cabernet Franc (2012)$30
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11. Canyon Wind IV (2007)$10088
12. Canyon Wind Pinot Gris (2012)$15
13. Canyon Wind Merlot (2009)$2086
14. Canyon Wind Chardonnay (2012)$18

Land Profile


Elevation4753.62 ft.
Slope3.2% (1.85°)
AspectSoutheast (133.53°)

Solar Radiation

Average Radiation TotalWH/m2
Growing Season170492.65

Climate Indices

Index Name
Growing Degree-Days3200.04
Huglin Index2610.75
Biologically Effective Degree-Days1660.49

Temperature & Rainfall

AverageHi °FLow °FRain in.
Growing Season80.948.96.88
For more detailed information about the topography, climate, and soil of the vineyard blocks that grew these grapes, click on the individual blocks in the block list.

Block List

Source Vineyard Blocks (1)

  1. Christianson Vineyards - Cliffside Vineyard
    Block: 2
    (1.59 acres)
    Grape: Sauvignon Blanc (Fumé blanc), Regions: Grand Valley
    View block details

Wine History

Grapes from these blocks have been used in the following wines:
Wine (Vintage)PriceScore
1. Canyon Wind 47-Ten White (2012)$ -
2. Canyon Wind Sauvignon Blanc (2012)$15
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