Data Submission

How to Submit Data

Most of the data tracked by Everyvine can be edited directly by vineyard and winery owners. To do so, simply go to the page for the vineyard, winery, etc. that you want to edit and click “edit” at the top of the page.

Some vineyard data, however, cannot be directly edited by vineyard owners at this time. Specifically, elevation, climate, or soil data for vineyard blocks. Everyvine is currently evaluating several options which would allow growers to contribute this type of data to the system but in the mean time it will not be possible for growers to add this type data.

One outstanding question on our minds is how many growers wish to enter their own elevation, climate, or soil data for their vineyard blocks? To that end, if you are a grower who would like this capability please send us your vineyard name via the Everyvine contact form. We will add you to the list of growers to start testing this feature. Thanks and feel free to send us your questions.

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